Our philosophy:

Founded in 1999, the Online Contest (OLC) is characterized by the following two basic principles:

  1. The OLC is organized by a small core team, consisting entirely of dedicated volunteers.
    We are united by the passion for the sport of soaring and we are highly motivated to support our sport through providing and developing this unique worldwide platform. “We“, this means four programmers, three administrators, three non IT and a team leader (see also „Heads“).
  2. For participation in the OLC we do not charge any entry fees.
    This is first of all possible through donations of our sponsors. With their donations they become members of the OLC-family and thus benefit from the sympathy and recognition that the OLC is enjoying worldwide.
    Every single OLC-participant can support this unique system for the soaring sport by purchasing a friendly Smiley face. You’ll find the Smiley next to your name in the OLC-score after donating 12 € .
    Both, sponsors and Smiley-owners will guarantee that the OLC is open 24 hours per day all year long. They will make sure that all upcoming costs (such as server-hosting) can be paid for.

Thanks to this general set-up, the OLC-Team is optimistic about the future. We will be well prepared for new challenges and above all we are excited to be partners for the continuously growing OLC community. 



The Heads

OLC- core-team (mail@onlinecontest.org):

  • Reiner Rose* (leader)
  • Gabi Jakob* (law)
  • Manfred Ulbert (banking business)
  • Gerd Peter Lauer* (sports development)
  • Wolfgang Schuierer* (data-base, IT-strategies)
  • Martin Petz* (scoring)
  • Jürgen Wilken* (administrator)

*also member of the OLC-board


  • Business operations: Reiner Rose (CEO)
  • Office: Katrin Pallmer (book keeping, billing, payment transactions)
  • OLC-Magazine: Steffi Keller (editorial staff), Eric Scharfenort (editorial staff, Content-Management-System)


OLC-Board (gremium@onlinecontest.org):

All major decisions are prepared by the OLC-board which consists of the following members:

  • Reiner Rose
  • Gabi Jakob
  • Gerd Peter Lauer
  • Wolfgang Schuierer
  • Martin Petz
  • Heiko Hertrich
  • Jürgen Wilken


OLC-Committee “rules”  (rules@onlinecontest.org):

The OLC-board has established a working group for questions about rules. Guidance given by the OLC-committee „rules“ is involved into the board’s decision making processes. The following experienced pilots are members of our rules committee:

  • Gerd Peter Lauer (leader)
  • Heiko Hertrich
  • Martin Petz
  • Reiner Rose
  • Wolfgang Schuierer
  • Jürgen Wilken



Peter H. Braasch
SCHEMPP-HIRTH Flugzeugbau GmbH
IMI Gliding
WINTER Instruments
Alexander Schleicher
M+D Flugzeugbau
Segelflugschule Wasserkuppe
Deutscher Wetterdienst
Cobra Trailer
TQ Avionics
Air Avionics
DG Flugzeugbau
Rent a Glider
LANGE Aviation GmbH
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