Type of glider: Std. Cirrus,

Takeoff location: Soaring ClubHouston (US / 10)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 16.48
scoring distance 40.88 km
Speed 16.35 km/h
Duration 00:56:03
Scoring class club
Scoring start 17:48:58
Scoring end 20:38:13
Index: 99.0
Club Soaring Club of Houston
Date of claim 22.09.2019 12:36:26
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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2hr TAT
071 North Lake Start 4,000 x 5 mi
078 Round Top 15mi
083 Snook 10mi
078 PK Ranch 10mi
069 Navasota
083 SCOH Finish 1,300 x 2 mi

Had a tough time getting a good start so I was later than the others. Liked the run to the first turn point even though there were some scattered showers in the area. West of Brenham, joined up with Todd Hahn in KQ and that made it a bit more fun. I led us North on a decent run but we got pretty low just east of Caldwell, toward the NW corner of Snook. Thanks to Todd, a little bump turned into a bigger one and we climbed up and away, headed S towards PK Ranch. Unfortunately, I took us on what to me at first looked like a good street headed where we wanted to go but instead it was dead and shutting everything down. Todd found a little bump and was able to work it well enough to limp away but I was too far ahead to get back to it. I had a good bump over a nice, dark, landable field but the clouds covered it and it died before I could get enough of a climb off of it. I went slowly SW, desperate for some lift that just was not to be. I found a cow pasture and spent an enjoyable afternoon there amidst the cattle and cow pies, just watching the thermals grow all around me for another two hours. The field was fair, much bumpier than it looked at first and even had a few mesquite trees in it. Neither of those "features" were evident on final approach. Thankful for no damage and the late-night retrieve from William Smithson and Tommy Hall. It was a long ways out there and made for a late night for me!


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