Type of glider: Std. Cirrus,

Takeoff location: Aachen Merzbrueck (DE / NW)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 5.49
scoring distance 13.61 km
Speed 5.44 km/h
Duration 00:14:06
Scoring class club
Scoring start 09:48:55
Scoring end 16:37:35
Index: 99.0
Club Nijmeegse Aeroclub
Date of claim 07.07.2019 20:57:53
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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TopMeteo - Weather Charts

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Planned again a 750 task to the east through the corridor between Koln and Dusseldorf according to the high PFD forecast of TopMeteo and TopTherm. While the first cumulus started very early (6:55!) the area stayed covered for a long time and the cloud base stayed low. At takeoff I knew I was too late for a 750 but I thought I would give it a try on task anyway to see how far I can get. Plans needed to be changed because there was a lot of outspread in the corridor. South, towards Dahlemer-Binz, good weather, but windy and turbulent. Around Montabaur I had to make a decision weather I go back on the same route or I try a round flight around Koln airspace. I spent too much time on setting points, and checking whether that is possible in the given time. I gave it a go. Going back North towards Plettenberg got more difficult as the outspread was still there and there were big areas in the shadow. The terrain is not easy. Most beautiful clouds were in airspace, and I had to stay away and fly in the shadow, which got me low at Meinerzhagen. I spent a lot of time to dig myself out, and gave it a try to make it back home, which I could not. Outlanded at Langenfeld - a very cosy field with friendly people. Thank you for the hospitality.
Aachen-Merzbrueck: thank you for the launch and hospitality in the morning!


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