Type of glider: Arcus M,

Takeoff location:Black Diamond Ab (CA / BC/A)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 1095.57
Points for the flight 1,074.28
scoring distance 1,224.7
Speed 110.3 km/h
Duration 11:06:08
Points for the flight 21.29
scoring distance 80.9 km
Speed 14.4 km/h
Duration 05:37:24
Scoring class double
Scoring start 14:06:51
Scoring end 01:13:27
Index: 114.0
Club Cu Nim Gliding Club
Date of claim 19.04.2019 02:54:29
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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Perhaps the most memorable flight, good memories and a painful one. Very unusual day with dry conditions on the prairies, but just the right humidity a few ranges into the mountains. The air mass dried out as I approached Nordegg, and the flying got hard. The most northerly wind I encounter was 325 degrees - and the mountains are aligned at about 315 degrees! Fortunately, the wavelength was short, each mountain was generating it's own wave system, so it was possible to scrape along and get south with a strong tail wind, connecting with the good air again. The northerly wind cut the leg south to the border short, but that's ok - I was impatient to try Nordegg again with the improving air. Fell out of the wave a few times in the Sheep River, and fought hard to get back in. Conditions were clouding in as I approached Nordegg for the second time. I got clearance into the airway to move east and go south - but the prairies looked good, so I started north again. Air mass on the way to Hinton was dry and getting drier, so I turned around. There are two wide T airways over Nordegg - you rarely see traffic in them in flightradar24. I got cleared in them, and was rolling south with a 50 kt tailwind. ATC asked if I could maintain my height between 15 and 16000. Unfortunately, I thought I could and said so. A jet [edit: A Mooney] was coming up underneath at 14000 (about 100km away), and I called ATC to tell them I was sinking through 15000. The Mooney was given a new heading, and I was ordered to immediately descend below 12500. My bad - good lesson here. Gliders lose thousands of feet all the time. We cannot maintain altitude reliably enough for ATC purposes. This dropped me into the blue wave and thermals, and I fought my way down to the Red Deer River Forestry strip, where I finally started up and connected with wave immediately. Time to go home.


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