Type of glider: LS 8,

Takeoff location:Lake Keepit Gld (AU / NSW)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 931.0
Points for the flight 820.08
scoring distance 885.7
Speed 116.6 km/h
Duration 07:35:50
Points for the flight 110.92
scoring distance 399.3 km
Speed 56.4 km/h
Duration 07:05:07
Scoring class standard
Scoring start 00:10:30
Scoring end 07:49:42
Index: 108.0
Club Lake Keepit Soaring Club
Date of claim 20.02.2019 12:14:09
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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First flight in my glider since last year! Looked like a chance for a 1000km out and return along a convergence line setting up due north, so I rigged and set a task Manilla - Roma -Manilla. Aerotowed across towards the start line and went through about 4000ft - ran up the Borah range without any joy even though wispy cu promised more. Onto Turtleback mountain low - with a 22kph northerly sink was bad and progress was slow. I got flushed down the west side and began dumping water to land in the Ag strip at the bottom, but just squeaked around the edge of the westerly ridge below the top to a small bowl with more northerly component. Figure 8s to avoid the trees, then enough height for a 360 and clawed my way up. Skysight had predicted a northerly to the east of the convergence and a westerly to the west so I knew I was too far east. Pushed across to the eastern foothills of Kaputar and had another landing field planned but got away again. Finally enough height to get under the first decent looking cloud, and straight to 10,000ft. From the top of Kaputar north towards Goondi it was blue, but wispy cus forming just out in front at the same speed I was making progress. The headwind was still severe and I was losing confidence in doing a 1000km when at Moree my speed achieved was only 68. However the cus gradually built and I decided to turn back at 1600 wherever I was at the time. I set the task as an AAT finishing at sunset so I always knew my speed required to finish. With good cu now lining up in front the 136kph required looked possible, if optimistic with 250km of headwind still to buck. Finally at about 120km from Moree I turned tail and ran home. The convergence on the return trip was much better established and I flew at least a couple of hours without turning or losing height. But the whole system was rapidly blowing to the east. I met up with Trevor and together we planned our return. The choice of clouds was easy as it was still completely blue to the west, but they now forced us well east, almost to Inverell. To the south an enormous cu-nim discharged threatening spikes of light and a quick check on the phone showed it was marginally east of Keepit. Across the Tiger Country south of Inverell we had to stay, to tease the cu-nim's edges, as it was the only visible sign of lift in the sky. Eventually somewhere east of the Asbestos mine we climbed to base at 12000+, and the rest was easy. Landed just in time for the GFA SDP phone meeting.


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