Copilot: Cindy Brickner (US),
Type of glider: DG 1001M,

Takeoff location: Minden-Tahoe (US / 11)


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Flight details

Points for the flight 1621.97
Points for the flight 1,584.72
scoring distance 1,743.2
Speed 153.2 km/h
Duration 11:22:45
Points for the flight 37.25
scoring distance 136.6 km
Speed 11.9 km/h
Duration 11:29:20
Scoring class double
Scoring start 13:05:09
Scoring end 00:45:55
Index: 110.0
Club Perlan Project
Date of claim 16.06.2016 02:19:43
state IGC-File: Flight:

Flight path

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The forecast weather indicated a large spring-like front crossing California and Nevada, offering a broad wind field and a three-day period of potential wave flying. We anticipated another possible pair of back-to-back flights to boost our ranking. The 2016' non-wave season' at Minden was having a last big gasp! Windgrams showed 240 degrees at 50 knots at 500 mb for Minden and Bishop, and more moisture was called for the Susanville (north) end of the path. This held true.
We prepared for a pre-dawn launch, and met our schedule. This day saw procedurally smooth load-up, launch and climb into wave, no mechanical issues. And the day continued to improve from there.
We opted to run north while it was visibly open, to extend the stretch on the scoring first leg south. We used the obvious line of primary over Reno-Tahoe Airport to about 19 km NW, then ran south. Clouds markers were plentiful, marking the true primary to Alpine Airport, well west of Topaz Valley, the Marine Mountain Training Center, Lee Vining and to Mammoth Airport. We hopped east on the Lake Crowley/Coyote Flats transition and saw only a few high rotor down the Owens Valley. 9:23 am, 16,400 msl. We turned north.
Between breadcrumbs on the LX, marvelous rotor and lennies and the quartering tailwind, we also made my fastest Speed run on OLC for the year, 206 kmh. But reaching into the Carson Valley, a choice became mandatory. Should we use the Carson Valley gap toward Reno? It looked dark, and shortened by IMC quite near Carson City. The split was made to the left. A line of rotor capped the west shore of Tahoe forcing a lot of water crossings, Lake Tahoe, Boca and Stampede Reservoirs. Water was filling the air also. Narrowing foehn slot and a wall of intruding wetness threatened loss of VMC, yet we matched our north end of the first leg, and it was time to scamper south into sunshine. 10:50 am, 17,300 msl.
We began the Third leg, with over 600 km flown, back south on the freeway of markers, holding crab into the quartering headwind of 230 at 47 kts. We anticipate using a Class A clearance and seeing the terrain from a steeper perspective. Crossing Coyote Flats, we enter R-2508 and can run on the high-based rotor cu down the Valley. The rotor stretched all the way south to Cinder Cone, giving us confidence in consistent conditions. Flarm alerts and ATC calls tell us of several gliders ~5000 below us, and one report of gliders being towed -- home from a safari? Panamint Valley is IMC from dust streaming into the sky from a wave trough scooping the earth. When the sky turned blue and the lift softened, we turn north from Inyokern, anticipating a second speed run. Already, 1000 km on the clock. 2:00 pm, 20,400 msl. Our goal? It's about posting >1550 points, to assure the Number One OLC Classic ranking.
Six hours of daylight to utilize for a Fifth and Sixth Leg. We leave Coyote Flats and R-2508 at 17,500. The rotor cu marks the slight shift in alignments. We have no worries of returning to Minden, just discuss which line to follow. We use the 'secondary' line through Washoe, the front line in Carson Valley to Reno and drop east one foehn line to wrap north around Stead, where training had been underway for wannabe-Reno racers. 4:35 pm, 16,900 msl.
Back to Minden, and it is 5:20 pm. We're at 17,000 msl. We've exceeded our target for the day, we've had nothing but smooth soaring, no mechanical issues, no ATC or airspace gaffes. There's a great forecast for tomorrow, so we decide to land and celebrate. We've achieved a worldwide number one ranking. There's no better feeling on which to end the day.
Thanks to crew Stewart and Rich, Team Perlan for hangar in/out help, Cindy for co-pilot, comm and
airspace access. Thanks also to Elizabeth for cheering me on through this accomplishment.


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